Products and ideas that have been helpful to me

This page is to list things, ideas, brands, etc that I have learned and found very helpful!

One cereal we can all eat is Rice Krispies brand cereal.  Kevin, Don and Kayli can have cow's milk, but I use organic.  I use almond milk and Amy uses rice milk.

I use Rice Dream Enriched rice milk.  Some rice milks use soy lecithin in them and since Kevin is allergic to soy, I cook a lot with rice milk.  Amy likes it on her cereal too.

To make Amy and I hot chocolate, since she and I can't have dairy, we use Almond Breeze chocolate Almond Milk.  I can't give this to Kevin because he had a reaction to coconut and we avoid tree nuts, but it's a sweet treat for Amy and me!

I LOVE rice crackers! I eat them all the time.  They are crunchy and have just a tiny bit of salt! Ka-Me is a yummy brand!!

Amy and I both love this dairy free ice cream.  Again, Kevin can't have it because it is soy based, but for those of you with dairy issues, this is the STUFF!!  Purely Decadent.  Amy loved the Turtle Trails and Mint Chocolate Chip.  I have the Mocha Fudge Swirl.  YUMMY!!

Kevin can eat Turkey Hill Philadelphia Style ice cream vanilla, chocolate, and coffee.   The philadelphia style only has a few ingredients.  There's no soy or corn in this ice cream!

Kevin can also have some Stonyfield Farms ice creams and Hagen Daz Five ice creams.  He loves the vanilla, coffee, and chocolate flavors.  These are not for those of you who can't tolerate dairy.

Everyone in the family, except Kevin, can eat corn chips and salsa.  Kevin is allergic to corn, but the rest of us can have that.  I LOVE Garden of Eatin' Blue corn chips!  In fact, many of their products are very yummy!

Everyone, except me, can have Utz Pretzel Thins.  Some of Utz pretzels do have corn and/or soy, but the thin pretzels DO not.  Their pretzel rods in the big plastic bin do not, either!  My family enjoys these!

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