Thursday, January 12, 2012

Alfredo-ish Cream-ish Sauce-ish for pasta - wheat or rice

You will need a small sauce pan.

1 tablespoon of EARTH BALANCE brand spread (dairy free)
1 tablespoon of brown rice flour (I Like Bob's Red Mill)
3 tablespoons of Tofutti brand soy cream cheese-like spread
1/2 cup of rice milk (soy or almond work too)
1/8 teaspoon of garlic salt
1 teaspoon of Pecorino Romano grated cheese. (This is sheep's milk, but check with your doc first.  Amy, Kayli and I can all tolerate it)  If you can't tolerate it, use a little extra garlic powder or fresh garlic!

1. Melt EARTH BALANCE and add flour in sauce pan.  Make a "rue".  Keep heat a little below medium
2. With a whisk, briskly mix in the Tofutti cream cheese-like spread until smooth.
3.  Add in rice milk.  Continue to heat  and whisk until creamy and smooth.
4. Add in your garlic salt and finally your Pecorino Romano Sheep's Milk grated cheese whisk some more until smooth and hot.

Serve over regular pasta if you are only sensitive to dairy or serve over rice pasta- spaghetti or linguine are the best!

Here are the brands I like!  Believe it or not, I find these right in our Shoprite, but if you can't, use the sites to help you find a store that carries these or something similar.  ENJOY!

I'll post a picture later when I prepare it again*  I didn't take a pic yesterday.  Sorry.

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