Monday, January 23, 2012

Got some ideas "cookin'"

I've not disappeared, my friends!  I have a couple of recipes written down that I played with, but the battery in the camera died and we had to eat, so there's no pics! I can post what I did soon and some thoughts I have regarding them.

I made a gluten free/ dairy free sausage gravy... YES, I did and it was yummy!

I also make a chicken casserole type dish, BUT, I think I want to tweak it a bit to make it more like a skillet pie.  I may need some time on that one.

I made very yummy pork chops and a roast pork, too, this past week with a dairy free/ gluten free gravy for the roasted potatoes.  DELISH!! (I can't have veal or beef or shellfish, so in our house, turkey, chicken and pork RULE!)

I really want to try cooking lamb.  I've eaten it, but never prepared it.  Sheep's milk does not bother any of us and honestly, sheep's milk cheese is pretty good! I made a little appetizer that I'll share with you too!  I used rice crisps, turkey pepperoni, and the sheep's milk cheese.   YUMMERS!!

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